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Personal training for partners

You and your partner get a complete workout in the privacy of your own home. 


Activities are customized to accommodate each individual’s fitness level.


In each 50-minute session, you’ll get healthier, form a deeper connection with your partner, and have fun!

Benefits of working out with a partner

  • Research has proven that couples who work out together are happier with themselves and their relationship.

  • Studies have shown that working out with a partner can boost motivation and confidence.

  • Increases commitment to completing the workouts.

  • Improves workout efficiency.

  • Experience fun and excitement while getting into better shape, both emotionally and physically.

  • Improves communication and bonding between couples and partners.

  • Can boost attraction and passion.

About us

William Alexander and Linda Bettencourt are highly experienced certified personal trainers who are partners in life as well as in fitness. Both have competed successfully in national qualifying bodybuilding contests. With more than 50 years of professional training experience between them, they’ve helped hundreds of clients — including couples — reach their fitness goals. 


William and Linda developed 50 Shades Fitter to fulfill their mission of promoting relationship health and harmony. 

About Us

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