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Our story


We met 15 years ago at a concert. From the first moment we met, we knew there was something truly special between us. We’ve been together ever since, and are still going strong. We are very fortunate to have a loving blended family.   


We enjoy traveling, dancing, and watching TV together, but our biggest joy has always been working out together. Although we’ve spent some of the most amazing times together, like most couples, we’ve encountered some challenges, misunderstandings and miscommunication. The one thing that has allowed us to continue to grow together and overcome those challenges is our workouts together. It’s made us closer and elevated the love we have for one another. Our training has strengthened our communication and emotional connection. But most importantly, we definitely have fun, and we wanted to share this experience with others.  


There are days where we’re relaxed at home and don’t feel like going to the gym. When that happens, we motivate each other and are reminded how much better we’ll feel once we do it. Some people at the gym refer to us as the “power couple.” They see us laughing, teasing, and flirting with each other — but we still like to train hard.  


We’ve also both done numerous bodybuilding shows. We’ve supported each other through many training sessions and competition diets—and being deprived of the desserts we love. Most of all we help each other stay focused on our goals and remain positive.      



50 Shades Fitter started after training a newly formed couple and seeing how connected they were and how much fun they had during their first session. Not only were they enjoying themselves, but so were we. That same day, they both texted us saying, “I can’t believe how much fun that was” and “Let’s do it again!” It was such an amazing and rewarding feeling to see a couple really bond doing our workouts. In our hearts, we knew that this is exactly what we want to be doing: Inspiring couples to feel closer, work out together, and really enjoy doing it.

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