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Stephenie's story



I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years however, my story into health began 20 years ago.


Let me take you on a little journey for a few minutes... I’ve battled with my weight most of my life trying EVERY dietary theory known to man with little to no success. I became a mother at 23 (my daughter is my heart!). At 28 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (25-year cancer survivor!). In one year, I gained 85 pounds, eating my emotions and dealing with life through food. Ok, fast forward to 33 years old, my daughter was 10, we were at Disneyland and I was 225 pounds and couldn’t run with her... BOOM! I made a decision then that something needed to change. My physical, mental and spiritual health were a disaster, so I lost 85 pounds in 18 months.


I started moving my body and started looking inward to heal past emotional issues... I began a complete Lifestyle Transformation. During those few years I realized, my “story” was not uncommon, and I wanted to coach others through their own transformations. I became a personal trainer as well as a Certified Health Coach. So here we are, 53... in all of its glory... menopause and all and you know what, 20 years later, I’ve kept the weight off.


Changing lives is my passion. Showing you and coaching you through your Bio individual (personal) transformation into a healthy lifestyle is my gift. Mind-Body-Spirit



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